Aricol Group of Companies
is a leading official
distributor of international and
local brands in Ukraine since 1992

Over the years of cooperation, we have signed long-term contracts with global leaders in the following industries: luxury cosmetics, personal and household hygiene, food and pet products. We have also expanded our portfolio with world-famous Away from Home segment solutions in the categories of beauty salons, HoReCa, manufacturing and veterinary medicine. In addition, we provide 3PL logistics service and retail service management.

Our mission is to improve the quality of your life. To keep true to this pledge, we advance ourselves and give the consumers the opportunity to choose.

  • 28 years of cooperation with global leaders and key sales channels

  • Largest geographical coverage across the country

  • Optimal marketing tools for brand development

  • Assortment adaptation for local customers

  • Quick response to market changes

Beloved Brands

Broad product portfolio includes world-famous brands. Today we are proud to cooperate with Colgate-Palmolive/Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Kimberly-Clark, Henkel, l’Oreal, Ferrero, La Prairie, Estee Lauder, Institut Karite, Church&Dwight, Coty, KAO, Biosphere, Vileda, VetExpert, IDEXX and many other companies.

Our customers experience all advantages of the proven brands trusted by millions of consumers worldwide.



Today our team of more than 500 talented people is inspired by the same goal: to provide professional distribution services at the highest level.

  • National distribution
  • Local distribution
  • Barbus
  • Valar-Sky
  • PRO3
  • Garant-Logistic
  • Professional cosmetics distribution
  • Consulting

People are our greatest asset and the key to success.

Our goal is to understand their needs, discover talents and maintain an atmosphere their personality and contribution to the same goal will be properly recognized in.

Our core values – freedom, responsibility, team, success, continuous improvement – are at the heart of everything we do.


Largest Geographic Coverage

We are represented by 12 companies in 4 countries. The number of clients is continuously growing and the geography of brands and services is always expanding. Thanks to increasing representation of products at the point of sale, the end consumer has access to the latest and complete range of products and specialties. Our own company Garant-Logistic has been providing fast, convenient and reliable logistics for more than 10 years.


Testimonials and Awards


New aquarium fish food sera Nature is now available in Ukraine!


No dyes, no preservatives – all natural!
New aquarium fish food sera Nature by our Barbus company partner sera has finally arrived and is ready to meet Ukrainian market!

Very nutritious and precisely balanced – this food with exclusively natural composition does not contain any dyes or preservatives. First used in Nature line, Hermetia is a powerful natural source of easily digestible protein. What’s more, the food is very tasty to ensure mealtime is always a rewarding experience for your fish!

Meet Semen Babin, our Barbus company designer, sharing his experience of remote work 🏠


Meet Semen Babin, our Barbus company designer, sharing his experience of remote work 🏠
Today he spoke about what has changed when scwitching to working from home and what he is looking forward to most when coming back to the office.

📌What are the changes you experienced when working remotely?
As for working with my collegues, absolutely nothing has changed, all questions can be solved by mail or over the phone, but solving issues with contractors has become more difficult.
📌 What helps you be productive?
Probably, the most important thing is a great number of tasks, they do not give the opportunity to relax.
📌What helps you relax?
Probably, the answer is the same as to the last question. That is a huge amount various tasks. And, as being said, a change is as good as a rest.
📌What do you think will change after returning to the office?
I think the most enjoyable will be to see my colleagues. Of course, it is more pleasant to work in a team.
📌What would you like to wish your colleagues?
I may wish one thing: during these difficult times the main focus should be on health, and only then comes patience, and, as it has been written on the ring of a very smart person “This too shall pass”. And I am looking forward to seing everyone, because they are not just colleagues, but my friends.

In 2021 our Barbus company will represent all products by Ceva Santé Animale for companion animals


Meet some good news in new year😊

In 2021, our Barbus company will represent all products by French pharmaceutical company Ceva Santé Animale for companion animals in Ukraine.
Calming pheromones, professional shampoos, products for parasites and helminths treatment – everything for our most loved dogs and cats🐶🐱

Thank you for your trust❤️
And it is even more to come!

How to restore your skin after the holidays?


How to restore your skin after the holidays?

Changes in diet, late-night parties and excessive make-up can cause your skin to be dry, exhausted and dull.
Leading German brand of medical cosmetics for sensitive and problematic skin sebamed by our partner sebapharma knows how to return the skin its natural beauty.

✅Soft ingredients designed to cleanse and care for problematic skin
✅Adapted 5.5 pH level to healthy skin pH level helps maintain the protective functions of the acid mantle
✅Protects your skin from toxins, pathogens and dryness
✅Conducts soft, effective and deep pore cleansing

Happy Birthday, Aricol Group!


On this day 29 years ago the first company that started Aricol Group was formed.
It has been 29 years of teamwork, growth, development, inspiration and new achievements!
Happy Birthday to us🎉

Meet Nikita Zyuzko, Aricol Group Junior System Administrator


And our colleagues continue to speak about their experience of remote work.
Meet Nikita Zyuzko, Junior System Administrator, Aricol Group IT Department, in our regular column.

📌What are the changes you experienced when working remotely?
I felt no global changes in my work and I believe that is because of the field I work in. But working remotely is easier as nothing disturbs you, which makes it is possible to concentrate better and work, performing tasks one by one.
📌What helps you be productive?
A calm atmosphere helps me be productive. With it I can build a plan of work or action for the day and stick to it. Cozy home and delicious tea are just some things that make it simple:)
📌What helps you relax?
A calm home atmosphere, a well-equipped workplace and silence help to relax, especially when you live alone.
📌What do you think will change after returning to the office?
In my case, I’m not sure that anything will change, because some time I still spend there, as my work requires visiting the office to access the necessary equipment and so on.
📌What would you wish your colleagues?
I would like to wish my colleagues to make sure they stay healthy and safe during such a situation, to find some time to for self-care and to work productively and responsibly.

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