Aricol Group of Companies
is a leading official
distributor of international and
local brands in Ukraine since 1992

Over the years of cooperation, we have signed long-term contracts with global leaders in the following industries: luxury cosmetics, personal and household hygiene, food and pet products. We have also expanded our portfolio with world-famous Away from Home segment solutions in the categories of beauty salons, HoReCa, manufacturing and veterinary medicine. In addition, we provide 3PL logistics service and retail service management.

Our mission is to improve the quality of your life. To keep true to this pledge, we improve ourselves and give the customers the opportunity to choose.

  • 28 years of cooperation with global leaders and key sales channels

  • Largest geographical coverage across the country

  • Optimal marketing tools for brand development

  • Assortment adaptation for local customers

  • Quick response to market changes

Beloved Brands

Broad product portfolio includes world-famous brands. Today we are proud to cooperate with Colgate-Palmolive/Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Kimberly-Clark, Henkel, l’Oreal, Ferrero, La Prairie, Estee Lauder, Institut Karite, Church&Dwight, Coty, KAO, Biosphere, Vileda, VetExpert, IDEXX and many other companies.

Our customers experience all advantages of the proven brands trusted by millions of consumers worldwide.



Today our team of more than 500 talented people is inspired by the same goal: to provide professional distribution services at the highest level.

  • National distribution
  • Local distribution
  • Barbus
  • Valar-Sky
  • PRO3
  • Garant-Logistic
  • Professional cosmetics distribution
  • Consulting

People are our greatest asset and the key to success.

Our goal is to understand their needs, discover talents and maintain an atmosphere their personality and contribution to the same goal will be properly recognized in.

Our core values – freedom, responsibility, team, success, continuous improvement – are at the heart of everything we do.


Largest Geographic Coverage

We are represented by 12 companies in 4 countries. The number of clients is continuously growing and the geography of brands and services is always expanding. Thanks to increasing representation of products at the point of sale, the end consumer has access to the latest and complete range of products and specialties. Our own company Garant-Logistic has been providing fast, convenient and reliable logistics for more than 10 years.


Testimonials and Awards



Although the possibility to visit beauty salons is temporarily on hold, we can contribute to our self-care at home.

SeeSee brand from our partner Minus 417 Cosmetics manufactures cosmetics reach in Dead Sea Minerals.

It protects skin and hair and provides a gentle healing effect. SeeSee products provide regeneration of damaged cells by gently taking care of our local immunity — a natural protective skin barrier from negative environmental effects, including infections.

Stay safe and be sure to love your pets


FECAVA has developed advice for pet owners for visiting vet during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Please keep in mind that these precautions are recommended to protect people, as for now there is no evidence that pets can be infected with the new coronavirus.

Stay safe and be sure to love your pets.

We stay by you and are ready to provide you with all the necessary support


Due to quarantine restrictions, we asked all in-office employees to continue working remotely. We believe it will help us ensure the safety of our workers and clients at these hard times.

Despite all the circumstances, we remain available and try to meet all the obligations to our partners and clients, as we understand how important it is to keep working.

We stay by you and are ready to provide you with all the necessary support at these uncertain times.

Please be sure to keep calm and take care!

Keep calm and love your pets


In the face of COVID-19, we are seeing a viral spread of fake news urging to avoid contact with pets in order not to become infected with COVID-19.

Our partner, IDEXX, a global leader in veterinary diagnostics and veterinary practice software, has analyzed thousands of samples taken from dogs and cats and has detected no positive results in pets of SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus strain responsible for COVID-19.

The results align with the current expert understanding that pets cannot be infected with COVID-19 or transmit it.

Stay positive and continue to take care of your furry friends. We believe that moments we spend with them can bring plenty of positive emotions that can help us during these hard times.

Let’s do good things together!


Today the world is facing a new challange that is difficult to be prepared for. Now a huge burden has been put on the shoulders of our doctors, who, despite everything, continue serving the society every day.

We try to help these heroes at least a bit. Yesterday we handed over 400 protective suits to Charitable Foundation M Corporation for ambulance doctors in Odessa.

Let’s do good things together!

We believe that it is essential to support small business and private initiatives


Epidemics and crisis bring new challenges to businesses.
We at Aricol Group understand the impact coronavirus may have on small businesses. From facing the lack of income to putting the whole business on hold – the effects of epidemic can be hard to predict.

We believe that it is essential to support small business and private initiatives in these unfavorable conditions. For this reason, we would like to postpone debt payments and provide a guaranteed additional deferred payments for our most vulnerable partners – small businesses working in the segment of cafes and restaurants in the areas affected by quarantine for the whole period of its duration.

We believe that it is important to stay together in such times.

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