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The World of the Microbiome and the Power of Innovation Gastrointestinal Biome


We invite veterinary specialists to participate in a free conference from our partner, the world leader in the medical nutrition of cats and dogs – Hill’s Pet Nutrition.
Participation is free with prior registration:

👉 Topic: The World of the Microbiome and the Power of Innovation Gastrointestinal Biome
👉 Speakers:
Nadiya Karas, veterinarian-nutritionist, graduate of Munich School of Veterinary Dietetics for Dogs and Cats
Yulia Gurina, Head of the Resuscitation and Intensive Care Department at Exvet Veterinary Clinic, Lecturer at the VetSchool Exvet Educational Project, Member of VECCS / EVECCS, Specialist in Emergency Neurology, Sepsis, Toxicology and Gastroenterology
Kateryna Kirgetova, Doctor of VRIT Veterinary of Exvet Clinic
👉 When: July 23, 2021 at 10:00 Kyiv time
👉 Where: Odessa, 32 Akademichna Street, Premier Hotel

Small Paws Innovation Center by Hill’s Grand Oppening!


We are happy and proud to announce that our partners in Hill’s has opened the new Small Paws Innovation Center in Topeka Pet Nutrition Center, U.S.!

The opening of  Small Paws Innovation Center makes Hill’s the only pet food company in the U.S. with an innovation center specially designed for small and mini dogs.

The Engagement Center will host seminars, continuing education programs, and other activities for thousands of veterinary professionals and students each year.

We are excited about the groundbreaking innovation this center will provide!

Last weekends turned out to be very productive!


Last weekends turned out to be very productive!
Our Barbus dream team took part in the XXVII International Veterinary Conference held in Kyiv. We were so glad to join and introduce our beloved brands Hill’s Pet Nutrition, VetExpert, Dermoscent®, Ceva Santé Animale and ЛайKit.

Two days of lectures by top veterinary speakers, meetings and networking with our great colleagues😍

We would like to thank organizers for invitation and great atmosphere during the event🤗

Cudos to our beloved Batiste❤️


Cudos to our beloved Batiste❤️
Batiste Original dry shampoo by our partner Church & Dwight Co., Inc. has won a nomination The Best Daily Product for Perfect Hairstyle at Watsons HWB Awards.

🏆 Watsons HWB (Health, Wellness & Beauty) Awards is an annual award that features best products of the year according to Ukrainian customers.

We would like to take time and thank everyone for your continued trust and support🤗

Mission Forever Friend campaign


A round of applause to everyone who participated in MissionForeverFriend campaign by our partner Hill’s Pet Nutrition this spring! With your help shelter animals will receive more than 100,000 bowls of Hill’s food accross European Region❤️

Ever Clean


Do you have a cat and spend a lot of time at home?
Then Ever Clean Fast Acting cat litter by our Barbus company partner Clorox will be your best choice.
This high-quality cat litter has low-dust formula and is made of purified clay. It neutralizes odors from tray quickly and effectively, allowing you to enjoy every moment at home🏠

Happy Easter!


Happy Easter!
May you enjoy this day surrounded by friends, family, and plenty of joy😊

Happy World Veterinary Day!


The best doctors in the world are vets. They can’t ask their patients what’s the matter, they’ve just got to know it.
Happy World Veterinary Day!

Mission Forever Friend at Hill’s!


This spring is all about #MissionForeverFriend at Hill’s!

We’re excited to announce the launch of our Barbus company partner Hill’s Pet Nutrition shelter program to support shelter pets in Ukraine. Up to mid May Hill’s purchases will help feed shelter pets in need. So, when you buy a bag of food for your own pet, you’ll help feed a cat or dog who needs it. You can also join online by posting a photo of your own cat or dog on social media, tag it with #НовийДругНазавжди (#MissionForeverFriend) and @HillsPetUkraine on Facebook & @HillsPetNutrition_UA on Instagram. For even more fun, you can use the #НовийДругНазавжди (#MissionForeverFriend) digital filter to decorate your photo. Hill’s will donate a bag of food for every post – up to 100,000 bowl across European Region!

Hill’s Pet Nutrition


As warm spring days come, many owners and their pets enjoy long walks in the fresh air. But for some dogs spring does not seem to be a very enjoyable season. These are pets prone to allergies to environmental components that include fleas, pollen, dust and even grass. In spring symptoms may become worse and can be accompanied by itching, swelling of mucous membranes, runny nose, watery eyes and constant sneezing.

If you notice these signs in your pet, it is essential to immediately consult with your vet. If the cause really comes to environmental substances, your vet will help you choose the right treatment and can offer your pet a special diet, like Hill’s Prescription Diet Derm Defense by our Barbus company partner Hill’s Pet Nutrition.

This nutrition is specially formulated for dogs suffering from environmental allergies:
☑️ Clinically proven to help strengthen skin barrier
☑️ Contains the optimal level of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids for healthy skin and shiny coat
☑️ Soothes and maintains healthy skin and fur
☑️ Promotes natural skin regeneration
☑️ Supports immune system

Ceva Sante Animale


Regardless stereotypes, cats and dogs can become best friends – if you help them a little bit.

Our Barbus company partner, CEVA SANTE ANIMALE, knows the secret of happy life together. Adaptil and Felivay pheromones for dogs and cats are clinically proven to improve relations between four-legged pals living in one house. Pheromones send “calming signals” that help animals relax and adopt to living together.



Do you miss summer?
If your answer is yes, then the SeeSee brand by our partner Minus 417 Cosmetics knows how to create a piece of summer just at home.

Here’s the recipe:
1. Fill the bath with warm water.
2. Take SeeSee Dead Sea natural salt.
3. Dissolve 2 tablespoons in the water.
3. Enjoy your summer mood.

P.S. In just 15 minutes of relaxation, your skin restores and becomes much more moisturized and smooth!



Did you know that light-colored cat and dog fur needs special care?
Our Barbus company partner VetExpert knows the secret of a shiny, snow-white coat🐩

VetExpert White Shampoo for dogs and cats contains white pearl extract that naturally brightens the color of your pet’s fur. And a soft tonic VetExpert Eye Cleanser effectively cleanses and removes discolored areas around your four-legged pal’s eyes.

Everything for silky and shiny coat of your furry friend☺️

Meet Nina Bashirova, veterinary consultant at our Barbus company


Meet Nina Bashirova, veterinary consultant at our Barbus company, sharing her experience and impressions on remote work.

📌 What are the changes you experienced when working remotely?
It is more time savvy, I do not have to spend time on going to the office and back home. And now I feel higher responsibility for my daily tasks. What’s more, there are much less health risks.

📌 What helps you be productive?
The tasks that are really focused on the result, but not on the time spent in the office (and a more flexible schedule).

📌What helps you relax?
The time I spend with my friends, sports and self-development.

📌What do you think will change after returning to the office?
I will start to spend more time on going to the office and back home, so the amount of free time will be less.

📌What would you like to wish your colleagues?
A comfortable working atmosphere, nice relations with their managers and a higher salary, of course🙂

Meet Konstantin Kiva, our Barbus company veterinary consultant


Today we’d like you to meet Konstantin Kiva, our Barbus company veterinary consultant, sharing his experience of remote work.

🏠 Konstantin showed us his new working place, explained how his workflow has changed and shared his thoughts on what will be different after returning to the office.

📌What are the changes you experienced when working remotely?
When I started to work remotely, I had to slightly adjust my workflow. I started to work with my colleagues and clients online more often, especially at the times when public transport did not work. It helped to save a lot of time that I usually spent on getting to the office. What’s more, I avoided standing in traffic jams for a long time. Now the situation is better, as there is often a way to visit customers face to face.

📌 What helps you be productive?
That is fully focusing on my workflow. And also some good rest after the work.

📌What helps you relax?
Reading literature, listening to professional lectures and chatting with interesting and positive people.

📌What do you think will change after returning to the office?
I think a lot of things will change. After all, many companies are already switching to working remotely. And visiting the office will not always be mandatory, while the format of office work will undergo some changes too.

📌What would you like to wish your colleagues?
To have truly great achievements and to enjoy life even in difficult situations. And just to have a good, sunny mood 🙂

Happy Women’s Day


On the occasion of March 8, we wish every woman happiness, health, success and prosperity in the years ahead.

Meet Evgenia Rozhkova, RKAM at Aricol company, sharing her experience of remote work


Meet Evgenia Rozhkova, RKAM at Aricol company, sharing her experience of remote work.

📌What are the changes you experienced when working remotely?
I started to have more time for my daily tasks. Now at 8:30 instead of standing in a traffic jam, I already start my working day. And this is very important for Kyiv. What’s more, it is possible to better focus and there are less things that disturb me from work.
At the same time, I do not face the lack of communication. I have a lot of calls, emails, meetings during the day, but all this is because of my type of work.

📌 What helps you be productive?
Motivation, being result-oriented.

📌What helps you relax?
Doing sports and active leisure, like skiing and snowboarding.

📌What do you think will change after returning to the office?
Everything will change!:) Business model has changed, in the future employees will be able to work from anywhere in the world, without being tied to the office. And the office itself will change, many international companies have already abandoned fixed working places and switched to using open spaces, where any employee can choose/change his or her working place, or just pick up a vacant one😉

📌What would you like to wish your colleagues?
Strong immunity to ward off the negatives, that’s the first thing! And speaking about work, that is bright, great and inspirational victories, creative, non-standard solutions, more optimism! And to go further and further!

Meet Daryna Voipan, Head of the Foreign Economic Activity Service at Aricol Group


And our colleagues continue to share with us their experience of remote work💻
Meet Daryna Voipan, Head of the Foreign Economic Activity Service at Aricol Group.

📌What are the changes you experienced when working remotely?
First it was very unusual, but my work implies much of activity and even when working remotely I do not have time to stay put. And I assume a big plus is that I no longer spend so much time going to the office and back home during rush hour.

📌 What helps you be productive?
The main secret of productivity for me is to keep the balance between work and rest.

📌What helps you relax?
A cup of sweet tea and 15 minutes of silence.

📌What do you think will change after returning to the office?
My work implies constant visits, so I think I will not see big changes for myself, as I also constantly visit the office now.

📌What would you like to wish your colleagues?
To love what you do and to enjoy every day.

New aquarium fish food sera Nature is now available in Ukraine!


No dyes, no preservatives – all natural!
New aquarium fish food sera Nature by our Barbus company partner sera has finally arrived and is ready to meet Ukrainian market!

Very nutritious and precisely balanced – this food with exclusively natural composition does not contain any dyes or preservatives. First used in Nature line, Hermetia is a powerful natural source of easily digestible protein. What’s more, the food is very tasty to ensure mealtime is always a rewarding experience for your fish!

Meet Semen Babin, our Barbus company designer, sharing his experience of remote work 🏠


Meet Semen Babin, our Barbus company designer, sharing his experience of remote work 🏠
Today he spoke about what has changed when scwitching to working from home and what he is looking forward to most when coming back to the office.

📌What are the changes you experienced when working remotely?
As for working with my collegues, absolutely nothing has changed, all questions can be solved by mail or over the phone, but solving issues with contractors has become more difficult.
📌 What helps you be productive?
Probably, the most important thing is a great number of tasks, they do not give the opportunity to relax.
📌What helps you relax?
Probably, the answer is the same as to the last question. That is a huge amount various tasks. And, as being said, a change is as good as a rest.
📌What do you think will change after returning to the office?
I think the most enjoyable will be to see my colleagues. Of course, it is more pleasant to work in a team.
📌What would you like to wish your colleagues?
I may wish one thing: during these difficult times the main focus should be on health, and only then comes patience, and, as it has been written on the ring of a very smart person “This too shall pass”. And I am looking forward to seing everyone, because they are not just colleagues, but my friends.

In 2021 our Barbus company will represent all products by Ceva Santé Animale for companion animals


Meet some good news in new year😊

In 2021, our Barbus company will represent all products by French pharmaceutical company Ceva Santé Animale for companion animals in Ukraine.
Calming pheromones, professional shampoos, products for parasites and helminths treatment – everything for our most loved dogs and cats🐶🐱

Thank you for your trust❤️
And it is even more to come!

How to restore your skin after the holidays?


How to restore your skin after the holidays?

Changes in diet, late-night parties and excessive make-up can cause your skin to be dry, exhausted and dull.
Leading German brand of medical cosmetics for sensitive and problematic skin sebamed by our partner sebapharma knows how to return the skin its natural beauty.

✅Soft ingredients designed to cleanse and care for problematic skin
✅Adapted 5.5 pH level to healthy skin pH level helps maintain the protective functions of the acid mantle
✅Protects your skin from toxins, pathogens and dryness
✅Conducts soft, effective and deep pore cleansing

Happy Birthday, Aricol Group!


On this day 29 years ago the first company that started Aricol Group was formed.
It has been 29 years of teamwork, growth, development, inspiration and new achievements!
Happy Birthday to us🎉

Meet Nikita Zyuzko, Aricol Group Junior System Administrator


And our colleagues continue to speak about their experience of remote work.
Meet Nikita Zyuzko, Junior System Administrator, Aricol Group IT Department, in our regular column.

📌What are the changes you experienced when working remotely?
I felt no global changes in my work and I believe that is because of the field I work in. But working remotely is easier as nothing disturbs you, which makes it is possible to concentrate better and work, performing tasks one by one.
📌What helps you be productive?
A calm atmosphere helps me be productive. With it I can build a plan of work or action for the day and stick to it. Cozy home and delicious tea are just some things that make it simple:)
📌What helps you relax?
A calm home atmosphere, a well-equipped workplace and silence help to relax, especially when you live alone.
📌What do you think will change after returning to the office?
In my case, I’m not sure that anything will change, because some time I still spend there, as my work requires visiting the office to access the necessary equipment and so on.
📌What would you wish your colleagues?
I would like to wish my colleagues to make sure they stay healthy and safe during such a situation, to find some time to for self-care and to work productively and responsibly.

Meet Tetiana Zavezion, Aricol Group Legal Advisor


And our team members continue to share their experience of remote work.
Meet Tetiana Zavezion, Aricol Group Legal Advisor.

📌 What are the changes you experienced when working remotely?
When working remotely, I am more focused, and, I hope, more productive and able to provide more qualitative service. I believe that is because most requests I get are in emails, which reduces distraction and allows me to perform tasks consistently. And the time I do not spend on going to and back from the office can be spent with pleasure in a more rational way. There are no other changes I experienced by far.
📌What helps you be productive?
Pre-planned working day, being satisfied with my work, understanding my responsibility for finishing tasks on time and in a qualitative way.
📌 What helps you relax?
Music, interesting movies/books, embroidery. As I often switch to such things, the solution of complex problems comes instantly. And then I wonder how simple everything was. The answers to difficult questions appeared to be on the surface. You just had to see them.
📌 What do you think will change after returning to the office?
Communication between colleagues will improve. We will understand that people we work with are a part of our lives and they give us much more than we think. We change the world and people we interact with. And the world and the people around us are changing us. I will gladly return to the office to receive an even greater motivation for development and self-fulfillment.

Meet Olena Bezhenutsa, Assistant of our Barbus company President


Remote work may seem to be easy, but in fact it is harder than some of us could imagine😅 We asked our colleagues to share their experience of working remotely these days. Let’s take off 🙂 Meet Olena Bezhenutsa, Assistant of our Barbus company President.

📌 What are the changes you experienced when working remotely?
After I started to work remotely, only positive changes happened in my life. Here are some benefits:
➡️There is more time for work, I do not spend time to prepare for the office work, to come to office and then back home.
➡️The risk of contracting the virus in public transport is minimal, because there is no need to use it when working remotely.
➡️The only disadvantage seems to be working overtime. It is harder to keep balance between work and leisure, but, at the same time, my productivity has increased a lot.
📌What helps you be productive?
That is effective planning of my working hours and accurate performance of tasks.
📌 What helps you relax?
In such conditions, a cup of warm tea with milk and cinnamon helps me here.
📌 What do you think will change after returning to the office?
It will be difficult to wake up very early again.
📌 What would you wish your colleagues?
To all who feel discomfort when working remotely, I would recommend to clearly divide your working and free hours. Try to spend your free time with your family and friends and just relax. As an option, you may start a new hobby, play sports and enjoy some walks on fresh air.

John Fireda


As winter comes, our hair becomes more prone to damage. Hats, sudden temperature changes and lack of vitamins often make our hair weakened and brittle.

Full Repair line by our partner KAO brand, John Frieda, will help to restore your strands. The strengthening formula with inca-inch oil nourishes damaged hair, reducing brittleness and providing additional protection against split ends.

Ceva Sante Animale


Does your favorite cat suddenly start scratching everything around or, maybe, the dog is afraid of loud noises?

Such behavior can be a sign of stress. Pheromones for dogs and cats by our Barbus company partner, Ceva Sante Animale, will help your pets stay calm and abandon their naughty behaviour.

The products contain a copy of calming dog and cat pheromones, which are formed in mother’s body after the birth of puppies and kittens. And it is proven that these pheromones have a similar calming effect on adult pets, bringing them comfort and relief.



All dog owners know that when it comes to the season of rains, bathing is something you can’t skip after almost every walk. As puddles and dirt accompany us on usual routes more and more often.

To ensure comfortable bathing, you should choose a proper dog shampoo that will suit your pet’s needs.

VetExpert, our Barbus company partner, knows the secret to healthy skin and shiny hair. Shampoos by leading Polish brand carefully cleanse your pet’s skin and maintain proper pH level, while soft foaming agents and carefully selected ingredients improve the quality of its hair. Try it out and your four-legged pal will be greatful!



Hairstyle just like after visiting salon?
With our Küül partner Fix Me line this result is now available to everyone.

Soft textures are easily distributed on hair and fix the desired shape of the hairstyle for a long time.
Have you already tried these styling assistants?

Pearl Drops


The dream of any coffee or tea addict is to enjoy the favorite drink and always have a shiny white smile.

With Pearl Drops polishes from our partner Church & Dwight, such a dream can come true at a glance👌
Pearl Drops products gently polish and protect teeth from darkening, allowing you to achieve Hollywood smile effect just at home.

Pearl Drops products have found their loyal fans in many countries around the world as they are extremely effective and safe to use.

Dermoscent Bio Balm


This is autumn 🍂 outside, which means that rain appears more and more often in the forecasts.

And now the care for dog paws’ pads somes to the speical attention, as constant wetting promotes skin maceration and can even cause dermatitises.

With Bio Balm by our Barbus company partner, Dermoscent, any puddle will be on your dog’s knee!🐕🌧️

The is water-repellent, it nourishes and moisturizes skin, increases its elasticity and brings the feeling of comfort. And your furry friend will enjoy your walks together even more.



Dog owners are well aware that when a pet stays home alone, its behavior really depends on its traits of character and on how entertained it is so much!

After a nice walk and an active play, a four-legged pal is likely to sleep most of the time. Also, education plays an important role. If you have taught your dog to entertain itself and not to fool around, then you can stay calm.

But if your dog needs something to play with or you would like to arrange a snack for it while you are out, then toys by our Barbus company partner, KONG Company, are at your service!

Treat-dispensing, soft toys and balls – KONG has something your pet will definitely like and can help it not get bored when you are not at home.



No time to wash your hair? No worries!

Batiste dry shampoo by our partner Church & Dwight Co., Inc. quickly revitalizes your hair leaving it looking and feeling clean in just 30 seconds.

An innovative formula boosts hair body and helps eliminate oily roots, giving dull lifeless hair an instant makeover without spending any time on washing.

John Frieda


Whether you wear it curly or wavy, we know you dream your hair to be clearly structured, smooth and frizz-free.

This is exactly what Dream Curls series by our partner John Frieda does.
The nourishing formula moisturizes, strengthens and restores dull hair, making it shiny and clearly structured.

Try all the products and find your best combination for the perfect hairstyle.

Ferrero Rocher


Thanks to precious golden packaging and high quality of ingredients the confetionary of our partner Ferrero Rocher has become the synonim of an ideal gift.

Raffaello’s exquisite taste has conquered the hearts of women all over the world, while Nutella and Kinder have become a heartthrob of children.

It all started with a small confectionery shop, which Ferrero family decided to turn into a factory in the 1940s. It was the first Italian confetionary producer to enter European market after World War II and to evetually win all over the world.

Today the company is a global leader in the premium confectionery segment, while Ferrero is one of the most recognizable brands all over the world.

Barbus Conference 2020


Meet our Brabus team at the annual conferencee❤️🐈🐕
We studied a lot, shared best practices and made plans for the future, awarded our rockstar colleagues and had a great time with friends☀️



Summer creates specific conditions for dogs’ fur and skin. Sunlight, frequent bathings and dust in the air can adversely affect skin and hair the conditions. That is why it is so important to choose the right care products.

VetExpert, our Barbus company partner, offers shampoos for safe and gentle pet skin and fur care. Mild foaming agents and precisely selected ingredients improve the quality of hair and skin. In addition to care products, the category of shampoos also includes a series of products for treatment and prophylaxis. All for the healthy and shiny fur of your four-legged pal🐶

Happy National Veterinary Worker Day!


Cudos to these wonderful people, who have dedicated themselves to animal health! Vets always bring us joy, faith and hope for a healthy, happy life of our pets. May your days be wonderful and healthy like you make it for others❤️

Happy International Cat Day!


Happy International Cat Day!
Today more than 75 million people worldwide greet their furry friends. Join in and don’t forget to pamper your kitty with something delicious🐾

Taking your pet on a vacation?


Taking your pet on a vacation?⛱️
Cats and dogs often experience stress when traveling and during the first days on a new place.

Our Barbus company parnter, Ceva Santé Animale, knows the secret of comfortable journey with your pet.
Soothing pheromones for cats and dogs Feliway and Adaptil give pets of all ages a sense of calmness and security and help them adapt to different conditions.

After all, traveling together is such a joy. Isn’t it?

Pearl Drops


Just like a sculptor that removes all unnecessary details to get a masterpiece, the polishes of our partner, Pearl Drops, remove plaque to make your smile perfect 😊

Pearl Drops products gently polish and protect teeth from darkening, allowing to achieve the effect of a “Hollywood” smile just at home.

For more than 40 years, the brand is known in Europe as an expert in cosmetic oral care and is much appreciated by the consumers.



Chewing furniture and all the other things in the house is one of the most common issues experienced by dig owners🏡
And the solution for most of these situations seems to be obvoius – you just need to replace things with the toys that will catch your dog’s attention.

“Delicious” toys with holes for treats from the partner of our Barbus company, Rogz, will help catch your dog’s attention and whatch it having hours of fun! The only thing you have to do is to put your pup’s favorite treats insude. During the game they will fall out of the toy and encourage your pet toreach out for more treats. It will bite the toy, roll it with its paws or even throw it up so that the treats fall out by themselves!

This will help keep the dog’s attention for a long time and, eventually, wean him from spoiling things or furniture.

sebamed Hair Care Shampoo


Every day we loose from 50 to 120 hairs and it is considered to be normal. But if your hair seems noticeably thinner and new hair does not grow as quickly as it needs to, the situation should be taken under control.

Our partner, sebapharma German company, offers a solution that will help to cope with this problem. sebamed Hair Care Shampoo against hair loss with antibacterial effect works with the patented NHE formula. The product contains caffeine, ginkgo biloba and nicotinic acid. This combination stimulates blood circulation to the scalp, hair growth and strengthens hair structure.

The physiological level of 5.5 pH supports barrier function of the skin. sebamed Hair Care Shampoo does not contain soap, creates a thick foam and has a pleasant cooling effect.

Meet Alyona Gromova, NKAM e-Commerce at Aricol Group


And we continue to introduce you to our team. Meet Alyona Gromova, NKAM e-Commerce at Aricol Group.

📍What do you like most about your job?
I think that the most valuble part of my job is meeting people and communication. Negotiating with partners is a priceless experience that teaches, trains and provides new opportunities. And it always depends on you whether all these experience and prespecitves be positive or not. As Aricol Group has diverse product portfolio, I meet and work with people, who work with different categories of products. Given that there are nuances everywhere, it is very interesting and helps to find new areas for self-improvement.

📍 What is your motto?
I can’t say that I have one motto. But I can say for sure that my approach is to do everything wisely and with a sence fo humor🙂

📍 Who did you want to become as a child?
My whishes have been changing so often, very often in fact: from waiter to president 🙂 I believe that profession can change, but the main thing is to be honest with yourself and stay useful.

📍 What do you dream of in the professional field?
Negotiations are different. And the most exciting are the ones, after which you can praise yourself. My dream is to experience that feeling as often as possible.

📍 Do you have a favorite product among the products distributed by Aricol Group?
I use many products distributed by our group of companies, but I should say that I am a real fan of Splat. And among other products, I like Adidas deodorants and Yankee Candle products. In general, from our range there is always something to choose as a gift for friends, for your home and as an offer for potential partners.

📍 What is your recommendation for newcomers to Aricol Group?
Be useful, improve yourself, never stop and believe in yourself! Well, and don’t forget to smile more 😄



While the weather continues to set new temperature records, our bodies need more reliable protection against high temperatures.

Deodorants from the legendary Adidas brand will bring you a feeling of freshness and comfort no matter what😎👉

Our partner, the global leader of the cosmetics industry, Coty, produces Adidas deodorants that neutralize any unpleasant odors and take care of your skin. And the innovative absorbent complex provides protection against moisture and odor for up to 48 hours. What’s more – deodorants are alcohol-free, and therefore do not irritate your skin.

Hill’s Pet Nutrition wet foods already available in Ukrainian market!


At last Ukrainian cats and dogs will get what they have been dreaming of for so long! 🐱🐶

Our Barbus dream team has made it – Hill’s Pet Nutrition wet foods are already available in Ukrainian market!

Delicious wet diets for kittens, adult cats, puppies and adult dogs developed with the expertise of more than 220 vets, pet nutritionists and food tech scientists worldwide.

And the combination of dry and wet food guarantees better taste and satisfaction for our furry friends😋

sebamed – a world’s leading German skin care expert


sebamed is a world’s leading German skin care expert with more than 50 years of experience. The range of products provide a unique advantage of pH 5.5, which preserves skin the way it is meant to be. More than 120 scientific studies have proven the unique compatibility of products with skin.

The brand is represented in more than 85 countries around the world. Skin care solutions include Problematic Skin Care, Hair Care Series and Baby Series. All sebamed products are clinically tested on sensitive skin and are not tested on animals.

We are proud to partner with such professionals!

How to use your email securely


We receive and send dozens of emails every day. But some of them can be dangerous and may result in data loss or computer crashes.
🛡Our CIO, Alexey Leonitsky, reminds some basic security rules for email protection:

📌 Make shure not to follow the links sent from unknown sources
📌 Do not run applicatios, received by email (even if the letter has been sent by a well-known person)
📌 Don’t trust even “reputable” addresses (such as or, for instance). They never send programs to their users, but the sender’s address is very easy to forge and many scammers use it to send potentially dangerous programs or links to them
📌 Do not allow running macros when opening MS Office files
📌 Do not respond to emails asking you to change your password or provide personal information, no matter how trustworthy the message may seem
📌 It is better not to use a corporate e-mail address to exchange personal emails and register for services that are not directly related to your work
📌 If possible, disable automatic corporate mail forwarding to third-party mail services

KONG. Because dogs need to play!


Dog owners know that sometimes it is not so easy to keep a dog entertained. When you have already played all the games and run out of all the treats, toys are here to help you!

Our partner, KONG Company offers toys that encourage active play, satisfying instinctual needs and strengthening the bond between dog and pet parent. Built for durability, KONG dog toys offer mental and physical stimulation all while meeting a dogs need to play.

Pet owners prefer KONG toys, as they can staff it, throw it, and make it a part of a daily routine. After all… Dogs Need to Play!

Hill’s Pet Nutrition packaging redesign won Dieline Awards 2020 Designalytics Effectiveness Award


Kudos to our partner Hill’s Pet Nutrition! 🏆

А powerful Hill’s packaging redesign won Dieline Awards 2020 Designalytics Effectiveness Award for package designs that led to significant brand growth.

According to Designalytics, a new design has contributed to double-digit sales gains.

We at Aricol Group are proud to be your partners!
And we are sure there are more victories to come 🚀

4 tips to overcome the fear of failure


Did you know that sometimes the fear of failure is not inferior to positive motivation? So, how it may help to overcome barriers that prevent you from achieving the goals?

Avery Blank, speaker and leading career expert, gives 4 tips on Forbes 👇🏻

🔋Clearly define what you want.
When you identify your goal, you are in a better position to solve it. Don’t let fear make your vision become less clear.

🔋 Make sure to be aware of what prevents you from achieving your goal
As if you do not see an obstacle, you can not overcome it.

🔋Own your discomfort
Try to find strength in your fear. This is the key to unlock your potential. So, use the energy you spend on fear to overcome it.

🔋Expand your comfort zone
To restart your journey towards your goal, take a small step. A constant feeling of comfort is a sign that you are not taking steps to get closer to your goal.

John Frieda


While beauty salons are waiting to be opened, we can take care of our hair at home.

Our partner, John Frieda brand by KAO corporation, is a global authority in the hair care industry. For over 30 years, the company has been creating incredibly effective and high-quality professional hair cosmetics. And during these years, the concept of the brand has remained the same, reflecting that salon heritage: to deliver transformational products that target specific style problems, for salon-calibre results you can see and feel. First-class brand products make it possible.

Pearl Drops


Quarantine is not a reason to postpone beauty rituals. Today everything can be done at home. You just need the right products 😊

Our partner, Pearl Drops, offers a range of products that will help brighten your smile right from home. Innovative low-abrasive technologies and delicate components guarantee soft and safe cleaning.

Pearl Drops products gently polish and protect your teeth from darkening, allowing you to achieve the effect of a Hollywood smile at home. The process of cleaning is absolutely safe due to the non-abrasive active oxygen, which penetrates into tooth enamel and discolors dark pigments.

Products have found their loyal fans in many countries around the world, because they are very effective and safe to use.

Stay safe and be sure to love yout pets!

Spring is a rather dangerous period for pets, as this is a season when the highest peak of tick activity is observed. Veterinarians recommend to take care of your pet and make sure it is well-protected before going for a walk.

Our Partner, Ceva Sante Animale, offers a range of products that will help you ensure safe walks. Vectra 3D provides maximum protection against all external parasites for your four-legged pal. Moreover, it does not enter the bloodstream, accumulating in epidermis, sebaceous glands and hair follicles, which makes it completely safe for your furry friend.

Stay safe and be sure to love yout pets!

Fragrances for home by Yankee Candle

Home comfort is man-made. And we know how to create the cozy and pleasant atmosphere just in a few seconds.
Fragrances for home will cheer you up, evoke pleasant memories, give a sense of safety and peace. So that you know you are home.
Our partner, Yankee Candle, is one of the largest manufacturers of aromatic candles and fragrances for home. These exquisite scents are associated with warmth that can only be felt at home.



Although the possibility to visit beauty salons is temporarily on hold, we can contribute to our self-care at home.

SeeSee brand from our partner Minus 417 Cosmetics manufactures cosmetics reach in Dead Sea Minerals.

It protects skin and hair and provides a gentle healing effect. SeeSee products provide regeneration of damaged cells by gently taking care of our local immunity — a natural protective skin barrier from negative environmental effects, including infections.

Stay safe and be sure to love your pets


FECAVA has developed advice for pet owners for visiting vet during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Please keep in mind that these precautions are recommended to protect people, as for now there is no evidence that pets can be infected with the new coronavirus.

Stay safe and be sure to love your pets.

We stay by you and are ready to provide you with all the necessary support


Due to quarantine restrictions, we asked all in-office employees to continue working remotely. We believe it will help us ensure the safety of our workers and clients at these hard times.

Despite all the circumstances, we remain available and try to meet all the obligations to our partners and clients, as we understand how important it is to keep working.

We stay by you and are ready to provide you with all the necessary support at these uncertain times.

Please be sure to keep calm and take care!

Keep calm and love your pets


In the face of COVID-19, we are seeing a viral spread of fake news urging to avoid contact with pets in order not to become infected with COVID-19.

Our partner, IDEXX, a global leader in veterinary diagnostics and veterinary practice software, has analyzed thousands of samples taken from dogs and cats and has detected no positive results in pets of SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus strain responsible for COVID-19.

The results align with the current expert understanding that pets cannot be infected with COVID-19 or transmit it.

Stay positive and continue to take care of your furry friends. We believe that moments we spend with them can bring plenty of positive emotions that can help us during these hard times.

Let’s do good things together!


Today the world is facing a new challange that is difficult to be prepared for. Now a huge burden has been put on the shoulders of our doctors, who, despite everything, continue serving the society every day.

We try to help these heroes at least a bit. Yesterday we handed over 400 protective suits to Charitable Foundation M Corporation for ambulance doctors in Odessa.

Let’s do good things together!

We believe that it is essential to support small business and private initiatives


Epidemics and crisis bring new challenges to businesses.
We at Aricol Group understand the impact coronavirus may have on small businesses. From facing the lack of income to putting the whole business on hold – the effects of epidemic can be hard to predict.

We believe that it is essential to support small business and private initiatives in these unfavorable conditions. For this reason, we would like to postpone debt payments and provide a guaranteed additional deferred payments for our most vulnerable partners – small businesses working in the segment of cafes and restaurants in the areas affected by quarantine for the whole period of its duration.

We believe that it is important to stay together in such times.

SeaVetDays conference


We are thrilled to announce that Barbus company became a general partner of SeaVetDays conference held by Exvet Veterinary Clinic in Odessa, Ukraine. The agenda was: “Anesthesiology and intensive care”. Two days of diving into the subject with top speakers, most up-to-date clinical cases and best practices.

And we were pleased to represent our prominent brands, such as Hill’s Pet Nutrition, VetExpert, Dermoscent and IDEXX. We were proud to be a part of the event that helps veterinary medicine to be a step ahead in Ukraine!

We continue to introduce our partners


We continue to introduce our partners.

BIP Holland is a Dutch manufacturer of original candy novelty products for children with well-known cartoon characters from Disney, DreamWorks, Nickelodeon and other world-famous brands.

more than 40 years BIP successfully combines innovative healthy snacking, candy & chocolate and stationery novelty products. Everything comes together in a professional but playful manner with the most popular licenses.

All the toys are made of high quality hypoallergenic plastic, while sweets contain only natural ingredients. We at Aricol are proud of our partnership!

Vileda Professional is world famous manufacturer


Vileda Professional is world famous manufacturer of leading edge cleaning solutions for professional users in various application areas, such as Healthcare, Controlled Environment, General Building Cleaning and HoReCa. The company offers state-of-the-art cleaning technology, better efficiency and performance in its class. Ergonomics, functionality and design are the main principles that guide a company in developing solutions for professional cleaning.

Today Vileda Professional operates in 50 countries and with a team of more than 300 dedicated employees.

We are proud to partner with such professionals!

Last weekend there were two events sponsored by Barbus and Hill’s


Last weekend there were two events sponsored by Barbus and Hill’s Pet Nutrition: exhibition of dogs FCI-CACIB “Cup of Zaporozhye” and “CSVM’s International Veterinary Science Conference”.

Professional speakers, hot topics, useful knowledge and a lot of dogs! We’re happy to be a part of such activities!

Last weekend, the first stage of the School of Visual Diagnostics for Veterinarians


Last weekend, the first stage of the School of Visual Diagnostics for Veterinarians took place at the SonVet Veterinary Clinic in Lviv.

The master class was held with the support of Barbus and Hill’s, as well as with the participation of the Department of Surgery of the National Medical University of S.Zh. Hzhickiy.

Pritzak Vita Vladimirovna, associate professor, a leading specialist in the field of veterinary medicine, was the lecturer.