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Pearl Drops


Just like a sculptor that removes all unnecessary details to get a masterpiece, the polishes of our partner, Pearl Drops, remove plaque to make your smile perfect 😊

Pearl Drops products gently polish and protect teeth from darkening, allowing to achieve the effect of a “Hollywood” smile just at home.

For more than 40 years, the brand is known in Europe as an expert in cosmetic oral care and is much appreciated by the consumers.



Chewing furniture and all the other things in the house is one of the most common issues experienced by dig owners🏡
And the solution for most of these situations seems to be obvoius – you just need to replace things with the toys that will catch your dog’s attention.

“Delicious” toys with holes for treats from the partner of our Barbus company, Rogz, will help catch your dog’s attention and whatch it having hours of fun! The only thing you have to do is to put your pup’s favorite treats insude. During the game they will fall out of the toy and encourage your pet toreach out for more treats. It will bite the toy, roll it with its paws or even throw it up so that the treats fall out by themselves!

This will help keep the dog’s attention for a long time and, eventually, wean him from spoiling things or furniture.

sebamed Hair Care Shampoo


Every day we loose from 50 to 120 hairs and it is considered to be normal. But if your hair seems noticeably thinner and new hair does not grow as quickly as it needs to, the situation should be taken under control.

Our partner, sebapharma German company, offers a solution that will help to cope with this problem. sebamed Hair Care Shampoo against hair loss with antibacterial effect works with the patented NHE formula. The product contains caffeine, ginkgo biloba and nicotinic acid. This combination stimulates blood circulation to the scalp, hair growth and strengthens hair structure.

The physiological level of 5.5 pH supports barrier function of the skin. sebamed Hair Care Shampoo does not contain soap, creates a thick foam and has a pleasant cooling effect.

Meet Alyona Gromova, NKAM e-Commerce at Aricol Group


And we continue to introduce you to our team. Meet Alyona Gromova, NKAM e-Commerce at Aricol Group.

📍What do you like most about your job?
I think that the most valuble part of my job is meeting people and communication. Negotiating with partners is a priceless experience that teaches, trains and provides new opportunities. And it always depends on you whether all these experience and prespecitves be positive or not. As Aricol Group has diverse product portfolio, I meet and work with people, who work with different categories of products. Given that there are nuances everywhere, it is very interesting and helps to find new areas for self-improvement.

📍 What is your motto?
I can’t say that I have one motto. But I can say for sure that my approach is to do everything wisely and with a sence fo humor🙂

📍 Who did you want to become as a child?
My whishes have been changing so often, very often in fact: from waiter to president 🙂 I believe that profession can change, but the main thing is to be honest with yourself and stay useful.

📍 What do you dream of in the professional field?
Negotiations are different. And the most exciting are the ones, after which you can praise yourself. My dream is to experience that feeling as often as possible.

📍 Do you have a favorite product among the products distributed by Aricol Group?
I use many products distributed by our group of companies, but I should say that I am a real fan of Splat. And among other products, I like Adidas deodorants and Yankee Candle products. In general, from our range there is always something to choose as a gift for friends, for your home and as an offer for potential partners.

📍 What is your recommendation for newcomers to Aricol Group?
Be useful, improve yourself, never stop and believe in yourself! Well, and don’t forget to smile more 😄



While the weather continues to set new temperature records, our bodies need more reliable protection against high temperatures.

Deodorants from the legendary Adidas brand will bring you a feeling of freshness and comfort no matter what😎👉

Our partner, the global leader of the cosmetics industry, Coty, produces Adidas deodorants that neutralize any unpleasant odors and take care of your skin. And the innovative absorbent complex provides protection against moisture and odor for up to 48 hours. What’s more – deodorants are alcohol-free, and therefore do not irritate your skin.

Hill’s Pet Nutrition wet foods already available in Ukrainian market!


At last Ukrainian cats and dogs will get what they have been dreaming of for so long! 🐱🐶

Our Barbus dream team has made it – Hill’s Pet Nutrition wet foods are already available in Ukrainian market!

Delicious wet diets for kittens, adult cats, puppies and adult dogs developed with the expertise of more than 220 vets, pet nutritionists and food tech scientists worldwide.

And the combination of dry and wet food guarantees better taste and satisfaction for our furry friends😋

sebamed – a world’s leading German skin care expert


sebamed is a world’s leading German skin care expert with more than 50 years of experience. The range of products provide a unique advantage of pH 5.5, which preserves skin the way it is meant to be. More than 120 scientific studies have proven the unique compatibility of products with skin.

The brand is represented in more than 85 countries around the world. Skin care solutions include Problematic Skin Care, Hair Care Series and Baby Series. All sebamed products are clinically tested on sensitive skin and are not tested on animals.

We are proud to partner with such professionals!

How to use your email securely


We receive and send dozens of emails every day. But some of them can be dangerous and may result in data loss or computer crashes.
🛡Our CIO, Alexey Leonitsky, reminds some basic security rules for email protection:

📌 Make shure not to follow the links sent from unknown sources
📌 Do not run applicatios, received by email (even if the letter has been sent by a well-known person)
📌 Don’t trust even “reputable” addresses (such as or, for instance). They never send programs to their users, but the sender’s address is very easy to forge and many scammers use it to send potentially dangerous programs or links to them
📌 Do not allow running macros when opening MS Office files
📌 Do not respond to emails asking you to change your password or provide personal information, no matter how trustworthy the message may seem
📌 It is better not to use a corporate e-mail address to exchange personal emails and register for services that are not directly related to your work
📌 If possible, disable automatic corporate mail forwarding to third-party mail services

KONG. Because dogs need to play!


Dog owners know that sometimes it is not so easy to keep a dog entertained. When you have already played all the games and run out of all the treats, toys are here to help you!

Our partner, KONG Company offers toys that encourage active play, satisfying instinctual needs and strengthening the bond between dog and pet parent. Built for durability, KONG dog toys offer mental and physical stimulation all while meeting a dogs need to play.

Pet owners prefer KONG toys, as they can staff it, throw it, and make it a part of a daily routine. After all… Dogs Need to Play!

Hill’s Pet Nutrition packaging redesign won Dieline Awards 2020 Designalytics Effectiveness Award


Kudos to our partner Hill’s Pet Nutrition! 🏆

А powerful Hill’s packaging redesign won Dieline Awards 2020 Designalytics Effectiveness Award for package designs that led to significant brand growth.

According to Designalytics, a new design has contributed to double-digit sales gains.

We at Aricol Group are proud to be your partners!
And we are sure there are more victories to come 🚀

4 tips to overcome the fear of failure


Did you know that sometimes the fear of failure is not inferior to positive motivation? So, how it may help to overcome barriers that prevent you from achieving the goals?

Avery Blank, speaker and leading career expert, gives 4 tips on Forbes 👇🏻

🔋Clearly define what you want.
When you identify your goal, you are in a better position to solve it. Don’t let fear make your vision become less clear.

🔋 Make sure to be aware of what prevents you from achieving your goal
As if you do not see an obstacle, you can not overcome it.

🔋Own your discomfort
Try to find strength in your fear. This is the key to unlock your potential. So, use the energy you spend on fear to overcome it.

🔋Expand your comfort zone
To restart your journey towards your goal, take a small step. A constant feeling of comfort is a sign that you are not taking steps to get closer to your goal.

John Frieda


While beauty salons are waiting to be opened, we can take care of our hair at home.

Our partner, John Frieda brand by KAO corporation, is a global authority in the hair care industry. For over 30 years, the company has been creating incredibly effective and high-quality professional hair cosmetics. And during these years, the concept of the brand has remained the same, reflecting that salon heritage: to deliver transformational products that target specific style problems, for salon-calibre results you can see and feel. First-class brand products make it possible.

Pearl Drops


Quarantine is not a reason to postpone beauty rituals. Today everything can be done at home. You just need the right products 😊

Our partner, Pearl Drops, offers a range of products that will help brighten your smile right from home. Innovative low-abrasive technologies and delicate components guarantee soft and safe cleaning.

Pearl Drops products gently polish and protect your teeth from darkening, allowing you to achieve the effect of a Hollywood smile at home. The process of cleaning is absolutely safe due to the non-abrasive active oxygen, which penetrates into tooth enamel and discolors dark pigments.

Products have found their loyal fans in many countries around the world, because they are very effective and safe to use.

Stay safe and be sure to love yout pets!

Spring is a rather dangerous period for pets, as this is a season when the highest peak of tick activity is observed. Veterinarians recommend to take care of your pet and make sure it is well-protected before going for a walk.

Our Partner, Ceva Sante Animale, offers a range of products that will help you ensure safe walks. Vectra 3D provides maximum protection against all external parasites for your four-legged pal. Moreover, it does not enter the bloodstream, accumulating in epidermis, sebaceous glands and hair follicles, which makes it completely safe for your furry friend.

Stay safe and be sure to love yout pets!

Fragrances for home by Yankee Candle

Home comfort is man-made. And we know how to create the cozy and pleasant atmosphere just in a few seconds.
Fragrances for home will cheer you up, evoke pleasant memories, give a sense of safety and peace. So that you know you are home.
Our partner, Yankee Candle, is one of the largest manufacturers of aromatic candles and fragrances for home. These exquisite scents are associated with warmth that can only be felt at home.



Although the possibility to visit beauty salons is temporarily on hold, we can contribute to our self-care at home.

SeeSee brand from our partner Minus 417 Cosmetics manufactures cosmetics reach in Dead Sea Minerals.

It protects skin and hair and provides a gentle healing effect. SeeSee products provide regeneration of damaged cells by gently taking care of our local immunity — a natural protective skin barrier from negative environmental effects, including infections.

Stay safe and be sure to love your pets


FECAVA has developed advice for pet owners for visiting vet during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Please keep in mind that these precautions are recommended to protect people, as for now there is no evidence that pets can be infected with the new coronavirus.

Stay safe and be sure to love your pets.

We stay by you and are ready to provide you with all the necessary support


Due to quarantine restrictions, we asked all in-office employees to continue working remotely. We believe it will help us ensure the safety of our workers and clients at these hard times.

Despite all the circumstances, we remain available and try to meet all the obligations to our partners and clients, as we understand how important it is to keep working.

We stay by you and are ready to provide you with all the necessary support at these uncertain times.

Please be sure to keep calm and take care!

Keep calm and love your pets


In the face of COVID-19, we are seeing a viral spread of fake news urging to avoid contact with pets in order not to become infected with COVID-19.

Our partner, IDEXX, a global leader in veterinary diagnostics and veterinary practice software, has analyzed thousands of samples taken from dogs and cats and has detected no positive results in pets of SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus strain responsible for COVID-19.

The results align with the current expert understanding that pets cannot be infected with COVID-19 or transmit it.

Stay positive and continue to take care of your furry friends. We believe that moments we spend with them can bring plenty of positive emotions that can help us during these hard times.

Let’s do good things together!


Today the world is facing a new challange that is difficult to be prepared for. Now a huge burden has been put on the shoulders of our doctors, who, despite everything, continue serving the society every day.

We try to help these heroes at least a bit. Yesterday we handed over 400 protective suits to Charitable Foundation M Corporation for ambulance doctors in Odessa.

Let’s do good things together!

We believe that it is essential to support small business and private initiatives


Epidemics and crisis bring new challenges to businesses.
We at Aricol Group understand the impact coronavirus may have on small businesses. From facing the lack of income to putting the whole business on hold – the effects of epidemic can be hard to predict.

We believe that it is essential to support small business and private initiatives in these unfavorable conditions. For this reason, we would like to postpone debt payments and provide a guaranteed additional deferred payments for our most vulnerable partners – small businesses working in the segment of cafes and restaurants in the areas affected by quarantine for the whole period of its duration.

We believe that it is important to stay together in such times.

SeaVetDays conference


We are thrilled to announce that Barbus company became a general partner of SeaVetDays conference held by Exvet Veterinary Clinic in Odessa, Ukraine. The agenda was: “Anesthesiology and intensive care”. Two days of diving into the subject with top speakers, most up-to-date clinical cases and best practices.

And we were pleased to represent our prominent brands, such as Hill’s Pet Nutrition, VetExpert, Dermoscent and IDEXX. We were proud to be a part of the event that helps veterinary medicine to be a step ahead in Ukraine!

We continue to introduce our partners


We continue to introduce our partners.

BIP Holland is a Dutch manufacturer of original candy novelty products for children with well-known cartoon characters from Disney, DreamWorks, Nickelodeon and other world-famous brands.

more than 40 years BIP successfully combines innovative healthy snacking, candy & chocolate and stationery novelty products. Everything comes together in a professional but playful manner with the most popular licenses.

All the toys are made of high quality hypoallergenic plastic, while sweets contain only natural ingredients. We at Aricol are proud of our partnership!

Vileda Professional is world famous manufacturer


Vileda Professional is world famous manufacturer of leading edge cleaning solutions for professional users in various application areas, such as Healthcare, Controlled Environment, General Building Cleaning and HoReCa. The company offers state-of-the-art cleaning technology, better efficiency and performance in its class. Ergonomics, functionality and design are the main principles that guide a company in developing solutions for professional cleaning.

Today Vileda Professional operates in 50 countries and with a team of more than 300 dedicated employees.

We are proud to partner with such professionals!

Last weekend there were two events sponsored by Barbus and Hill’s


Last weekend there were two events sponsored by Barbus and Hill’s Pet Nutrition: exhibition of dogs FCI-CACIB “Cup of Zaporozhye” and “CSVM’s International Veterinary Science Conference”.

Professional speakers, hot topics, useful knowledge and a lot of dogs! We’re happy to be a part of such activities!

Last weekend, the first stage of the School of Visual Diagnostics for Veterinarians


Last weekend, the first stage of the School of Visual Diagnostics for Veterinarians took place at the SonVet Veterinary Clinic in Lviv.

The master class was held with the support of Barbus and Hill’s, as well as with the participation of the Department of Surgery of the National Medical University of S.Zh. Hzhickiy.

Pritzak Vita Vladimirovna, associate professor, a leading specialist in the field of veterinary medicine, was the lecturer.