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Over the years of cooperation, we have signed long-term contracts with global leaders in the following industries: luxury cosmetics, personal and household hygiene, food and pet products. We have also expanded our portfolio with world-famous Away from Home segment solutions in the categories of beauty salons, HoReCa, manufacturing and veterinary medicine. In addition, we provide 3PL logistics service and retail service management.

Our mission is to improve the quality of your life. To keep true to this pledge, we advance ourselves and give the consumers the opportunity to choose.

Business Areas


Since 2000, Barbus has become an industry leader for premium Pet & Vet products distribution in Ukraine. Over the years of growth and hard work, we have expanded our portfolio with global brands of pet products, including Hill’s Pet Nutrition, VetExpert, IDEXX, Dermoscent, Sera, ARM & HAMMER, EverClean and many others.

A large-scale distribution network includes 5 branches in strategically important regions of Ukraine. It helps us ensure the presence of the company’s brands in the majority of retail outlets throughout the country. Well-established logistics, our own warehouses, a wide range of exclusive products and guaranteed marketing support are key advantages of cooperation with Barbus company.

Barbus holds and sponsors pet, vet, aquarium and grooming exhibitions, conferences, seminars, lectures and master classes all over Ukraine.

Website: http://www.barbus.net/


In the cosmetics market of Ukraine Valar-Sky сompany is featured as an ultimate leader in distribution of Luxury Skin Care Brands. The company is dedicated to efficient skin care products of premium quality.

Today the сompany’s business portfolio is represented by the following Luxury and Selective Skin Care products:

  • La Prairie (Switzerland)
  • Rexaline (France)
  • Foreo (Sweden)
  • Minus 417 (Israel)
  • Institut Karite Paris (France)

Great experience and perfect market knowledge, sufficient team work and individual approach, high service and excellent professional skills are the key stones of the сompany’s growth, starting from 2005. Respectability, business integrity and transparency have created a formula of Valar-Sky long-term success and further prosperous development in local cosmetics market.


Garant-Logistic is a leading national 3PL provider with more than 10 years of experience in Ukrainian market. The company implements first-class highly efficient logistics business processes on its own basis:

  • Loading and unloading of goods
  • Optimal storage (rack, shelf, floor)
  • Processing and equipment (pallet, box, unit)
  • Administration, reporting, warehouse accounting
  • Completing orders and options for promo kits
  • Labeling solutions
  • Monitoring goods conditions
  • Customs clearance
  • Order processing
  • Delivery to network and retail operators
  • Freight forwarding

The company’s logistics complex is equipped with an automated warehouse management system, modern storage equipment and cargo support. Through the established network of offices, Garant-Logistic helps companies expand their customer service capabilities, ensuring speed and reliability of delivery.

Professional Cosmetics Distribution

The main focus in our business is a mutually beneficial partnership. A wide range of modern professional cosmetics allows us to offer complete solutions for equipping beauty salons.

Thanks to direct cooperation with cosmetics companies, we guarantee original products at competitive prices.

All types of cosmetics are presented on hair.ua


For over 20 years our team of experts has been developing and implementing a comprehensive program for growing international brands presence in Ukraine and Eastern Europe.

We will help you enter a new market or expand on an existing one, evaluate the prospects for a new product, select key sales channels, optimize your product range, determine pricing, market segmentation and positioning strategy.

To ensure optimal distribution of your products, we offer full-stack solutions:

  • developing your strategy for covering channels and territories
  • creating brand positioning from scratch in line with economic situation of the region
  • analyzing competitors: identifying their product’s pros and cons, investigating their promo activities
  • implementing effective ways to promote products based on the actual capacity of the company
  • developing an optimal logistics system
  • supporting your products after they enter the market
Local Distribution

Since 1992, we help international and local brands build their presence in Ukraine and Eastern Europe. As well as covering national markets, we offer solutions for making brans succeed on locally – everything to meet business ambitions of our partners.

Successful experience of work with leading retail chains, a reliable logistics network and a highly professional team guarantee the highest level of services for your brand promotion.

Let’s develop business together!

National Distribution

Since 1992, we successfully bring to Ukrainian market global brands in the categories of premium cosmetics, personal and household hygiene, food and pet products.

Over the years of cooperation, we have signed contracts with major national retail networks. We are proud partner with ROZETKA, SOCAR, OKKO, MAKEUP, PARFUMS, Epicenter, MegaMarket, Nova Liniya, Watsons, COSMO, PROSTOR, Novus, Silpo, Budynok Ihrashok, SMYK, Planeta Kino, Shik i Blysk, CLASS and many other major retailers.

Our knowledge of the Ukrainian market and the expertise of highly professional team will help you expand your business.

To ensure high-quality distribution on the national market, Aricol offers complex solutions:

  • largest market coverage
  • launching pro-sales team
  • ensuring product availability in all priority sales channels
  • cost optimization of administration, sales and promo activities
  • cooperation with major network retailers
  • ensuring brand awareness and consumer loyalty
  • providing comprehensive analytical reports
Professional Cleaning Solutions

With more than 20 years of experience in Ukrainian market, we help companies elevate their business with professional cleaning and industrial hygiene solutions.

Among our clients are Hilton, Radisson Blu, Premier Hotels and Resorts, Mondelez, Jacobs, Chumak, Galicia, SOCAR, Jaffa, Dragon Capital, Odeskyi Zavod Dytyachoho Kharchuvannya, Reikartz, Prime, ISIDA, Oxford Medical, Vertex Group, TAVRIYA-V, Savva Libkin’s Restaurants, Impel Griffin, Mironivsky Hliboproduct.

By delivering our products directly from Germany, France, USA and Ukraine, we ensure our customers get high-quality and cost-effective services. From successful cooperation with large companies to tailored solutions for small businesses, we provide services that meet specific needs of your business.

We believe in true partnerships with our clients. Become one of them.

Website: https://pro3.com.ua/