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The best anti-aging skincare? Water…

A youthful skin is a perfectly hydrated skin. Supply skin with the optimal dose of hydration and it will fulfil its daily need. High-tech cosmetic brand Rexaline was born according to this principle way back in 2008.

Rexaline formulation originates from AG Labs laboratory, a team of scientists, physicists and chemists, experts in respective areas, specialized in the formulation and development of high-performance anti-aging cosmetic products.

This laboratory has created Exclusive Rexaline Complex formulated with a Hyaluronic Acid duo for a double effect: immediate skin plumping action and long-lasting hydration of deeper skin layers.

Exclusive Rexaline Complex is a guarantee of hyper-hydration, and thus is a guarantee of youth. The Complex is present in all skin care products, addressing more specific problems, such as: dark circles, puffiness, radiance, volume…

The exceptional results that of Rexaline brand are confirmed by the tests conducted on all its finished products by the Independent AMA laboratories.

Rexaline’s mission is to provide beauty solutions for all women from 20 to over 70 years old with all skin types. Beauty has no age!