Meet Konstantin Kiva, our Barbus company veterinary consultant

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Today we’d like you to meet Konstantin Kiva, our Barbus company veterinary consultant, sharing his experience of remote work.

🏠 Konstantin showed us his new working place, explained how his workflow has changed and shared his thoughts on what will be different after returning to the office.

📌What are the changes you experienced when working remotely?
When I started to work remotely, I had to slightly adjust my workflow. I started to work with my colleagues and clients online more often, especially at the times when public transport did not work. It helped to save a lot of time that I usually spent on getting to the office. What’s more, I avoided standing in traffic jams for a long time. Now the situation is better, as there is often a way to visit customers face to face.

📌 What helps you be productive?
That is fully focusing on my workflow. And also some good rest after the work.

📌What helps you relax?
Reading literature, listening to professional lectures and chatting with interesting and positive people.

📌What do you think will change after returning to the office?
I think a lot of things will change. After all, many companies are already switching to working remotely. And visiting the office will not always be mandatory, while the format of office work will undergo some changes too.

📌What would you like to wish your colleagues?
To have truly great achievements and to enjoy life even in difficult situations. And just to have a good, sunny mood 🙂