Meet Alyona Gromova, NKAM e-Commerce at Aricol Group

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And we continue to introduce you to our team. Meet Alyona Gromova, NKAM e-Commerce at Aricol Group.

📍What do you like most about your job?
I think that the most valuble part of my job is meeting people and communication. Negotiating with partners is a priceless experience that teaches, trains and provides new opportunities. And it always depends on you whether all these experience and prespecitves be positive or not. As Aricol Group has diverse product portfolio, I meet and work with people, who work with different categories of products. Given that there are nuances everywhere, it is very interesting and helps to find new areas for self-improvement.

📍 What is your motto?
I can’t say that I have one motto. But I can say for sure that my approach is to do everything wisely and with a sence fo humor🙂

📍 Who did you want to become as a child?
My whishes have been changing so often, very often in fact: from waiter to president 🙂 I believe that profession can change, but the main thing is to be honest with yourself and stay useful.

📍 What do you dream of in the professional field?
Negotiations are different. And the most exciting are the ones, after which you can praise yourself. My dream is to experience that feeling as often as possible.

📍 Do you have a favorite product among the products distributed by Aricol Group?
I use many products distributed by our group of companies, but I should say that I am a real fan of Splat. And among other products, I like Adidas deodorants and Yankee Candle products. In general, from our range there is always something to choose as a gift for friends, for your home and as an offer for potential partners.

📍 What is your recommendation for newcomers to Aricol Group?
Be useful, improve yourself, never stop and believe in yourself! Well, and don’t forget to smile more 😄