4 tips to overcome the fear of failure

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Did you know that sometimes the fear of failure is not inferior to positive motivation? So, how it may help to overcome barriers that prevent you from achieving the goals?

Avery Blank, speaker and leading career expert, gives 4 tips on Forbes 👇🏻

🔋Clearly define what you want.
When you identify your goal, you are in a better position to solve it. Don’t let fear make your vision become less clear.

🔋 Make sure to be aware of what prevents you from achieving your goal
As if you do not see an obstacle, you can not overcome it.

🔋Own your discomfort
Try to find strength in your fear. This is the key to unlock your potential. So, use the energy you spend on fear to overcome it.

🔋Expand your comfort zone
To restart your journey towards your goal, take a small step. A constant feeling of comfort is a sign that you are not taking steps to get closer to your goal.