Головна | Dermoscent®

Spring is not only a time of year when winter colds finally end, but also a period when we can spend more time with our pets outside🐾 And to make sure the time spent with our furry friends is not accompanied by seasonal issues, veterinarians recommend to protect your pet’s skin from external influences in advance.

Our partner, Dermoscent®, offers products that will ensure safe walks and help you take care of your pet’s skin. Dermoscent products are based on innovative ideas and solutions:

✓ Developed in accordance with pets’ physiology and tailored to meet special needs of each species
✓100% natural active ingredients in each formula
✓Moisturize animal’s fur, making it shiny and soft
✓Ensure pleasant skin scent without any added artificial fragrances

Regular use of products improves pet’s health and brings even more joy to owners and their a four-legged friends when they spend time together.